Today’s Mass: Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time
    The First Reading is part of what is known as the Holiness Code in Leviticus. At God’s command, Moses gives some practical implications of what it means to be holy.

    The Psalm is a song of praise to God, who is perfectly holy, forgiving, compassionate and loving.

    Second Reading: St Paul underlines the countercultural character of Christianity: Godly wisdom seems foolish to the world, and vice versa.

    Gospel: Jesus continues on from last Sunday’s Gospel, this week with hard sayings about non-violent resistance and love of enemies. If this all seems a bit impossible, Jesus’ last command seems totally impossible: “you therefore must be perfect”. If we remember that we are made in God’s image, then although we know we will fail we can at least strive to be perfect like God.

    Fr. David

    Year 6 of St Thomas’ School will attend the 9:15am Mass. Parents and other family members are especially welcome to attend this Mass.

    First Holy Communion Course
    Parents are reminded of the important meeting for them on Tuesday at 8:00pm in St Thomas’s church, about their child’s First Penance.

    Next Sunday
    there will be a diocesan second collection, to support Poor Parishes. This enables the Archbishop to make grants to some of the smaller parishes in the Diocese.

    Parish Finance Committee
    As required by Canon Law a Parish Finance Committee has been established, and it met for the first time last week. The members are Bill Farren (Chair), Terry d’Avrincourt (Minutes Secretary), John Everingham, Gina Hartnett, Frank Quinn, Ben Andradi, Frances Sylvester, Warren O’Leary, and Mary Scott. Fr David and Fr Paul attend all meetings, in compliance with diocesan guidelines.

    The Finance Committee plans to meet six times a year, every other month. If you wish to contact the Committee, you can email Terry, the Secretary. Her email is Terry

    As well as electing its Chair and Secretary, amongst other things the Committee discussed

    • future plans for IT upgrades, works to the Presbytery, inspections of our buildings, and proper budgeting;
    • the draft 2016 Financial Returns;
    • the latest situation at St Joseph’s, Borough Green;
    • reviewing our Utilities contracts.

    Offertory counters
    Following our recent appeal, we have established three teams of counters: John & Janet Frith, Chris Bell, Peter Marchal, Mary Ringham, and Andy Hicks. We thank them for volunteering.

    However, the Finance Committee would prefer to have four teams, to cater for holidays, illnesses, etc, so we need two more volunteers. Are you free on a Monday morning and can count? Please contact Fr David if you can help.

    By the way, the weekly Offertory figure given in this Newsletter doesn’t include Standing Orders, which usually equate to around £500 per week. We do give the exact monthly Standing Order figure as soon as it is available.


      An updated version of the Parish Handbook (a work in progress) is now ready for all to see. If you are involved in any way in parish life and you have written/updated an entry, please follow this link to see the Handbook to check that your entry went in correctly and email Esther Beugeling with any amendments. Likewise, if you think there is something missing or specific mention for any of the entries is needed for Holy Trinity, Otford, St Bernadette's, West Kingsdown or St Joseph's, Borough Green, please send your suggestion for an entry to the email address above. Many thanks.