Todayís Mass: THIRD SUNDAY of ADVENT (Year A)

    First Reading:
    although this third extract from the prophecy of Isaiah will give hope and courage to those who are downhearted or restricted in some way, when Isaiah refers to the blind, the lame, etc, he is talking of the whole community.† The Christian sees this prophecy fulfilled in Christ, who came to restore us, as a community of faith, to wholeness and integrity. As is usually the case, the Psalm picks up the same theme as the First Reading.

    Second Reading:
    St James says that like a farmer we must be patient as we wait for Christís second coming.† In the Bible the idea of harvest is often used as a picture for the Day of Judgement.† We should wait patiently for this day and not make judgements ourselves about other people.

    John the Baptist sends his disciples to find out who Jesus is, if He truly is the Messiah.† Jesus tells them to look at the evidence of their own eyes.† The point He is making in the final sentence of this Gospel is that in the coming kingdom of God the little ones who believe in Jesus Christ will have the same standing as an important figure such as John.

    Fr. David

    This week
    St Thomasí School
    The Key Stage 2 Carol Service is in St Thomasís church on Tuesday at 7:00pm. Years 4, 5, and 6 have their Advent Reconciliation on Wednesday, at the school, beginning at 9:15am. The End of Term Mass is in church on Friday at 9:30am.

    Why? Course
    The final session is on Monday at 8:00pm in the Parish Centre.† This week: why the Church?† Anyone interested in becoming a Catholic, and any Catholic interested in learning more about their faith is invited to come along.

    Funeral Mass
    The Funeral of Monique Brittan is in St Thomasís on Wednesday at 12:00 noon.†

    Pilgrims' and Senior Parishionerís Tea with Advent Reflection
    Thursday, in church at 3pm with a short Advent Reflection by Fr David.†

    Sick List
    We are restarting this list. Will parishioners, especially those who visit the sick and housebound, please contact the Parish Office with the names of parishioners to be placed on this list - thank you.

    Christmas Signing up Lists at St Thomas's
    Signing up lists are in the Porch for Welcomers, Readers, Ministers of Holy Communion and Church cleaning. Altar Servers List is in the Sacristy for signing.

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