Dear parishioners and dear friends

    Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul.

    We recall how over the years God prepared a people for Himself, this preparation came to its fulfilment in Christ’s death, resurrection and ascension. It blossomed in the descent of the Holy Spirit founding the new people of God - the Church.

    We are members of the Church. Our way of life, our principles and ideals are signs of our membership. On today’s feast we thank God for St Peter and Paul and the way in which they responded to God’s call to be our visible guides in life’s journey.

    Allow yourselves to be “guided” in the week ahead, see where you need to improve your ‘spiritual’ strengths. Take a greater share in the ministries of the Parish so that God’s kingdom can grow.

    God Bless you.

    Richard Harvey

    AN APPEAL - if you can, would you send in MASS INTENTIONS & STIPENDS so that we have some for Mgr Boniface and Fr Kenneth. Thank you in advance. RNH

    Please click on icon below to open copy of the "Pledge Form" for the cost of rebuilding St. Joseph's Church, Borough Green.

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    With the current remedial roof work at St. Thomas's, it has become necessary to stop all Adoration hours at St. Thomas's except Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. To allow people to attend the Masses at St. Thomas's (when the workmen stop), and taking account those with no transport; some limited Adoration periods have been moved to the Holy Trinity Church in Otford. These hours will be reviewed each week until the roof work is completed. For those that no longer have an adoration slot, you are welcome (if able) to pop into the Holy Trinity Church during one of the proposed adoration periods. For any queries please contact the Parish Office or telephone Barry 01959 524362.

    ADORATION AT HOLY TRINITY OTFORD week commencing 29 June

    Monday 10 am. until 12 Noon
    Tuesday 11 am. until 1 pm.
    Thursday 2 pm. until 3 pm.
    Friday 11 am. until 1 pm.